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07/06/2005: "Every day is an opportunity for learning..."

Today I've learned several things already!

Ants like the front room/office.

Ants like homeschool supplies, such as puzzles.

Even the smallest of ants can still leave a welt on my foot.
(I was bit in our bathroom as I was getting dressed--oddly enough, I saw no other ants nearby)

Cream carpet is good for something--spotting ants is so much easier with a lighter contrasting color.

Our lease is silent on pest control.

The management office will have someone call us to work out details of ant eradication!

Flylady breaks feel great after battling a line that sprung up overnight.

Another ant spotting, according to Emma. Here I go!

~5pm update~
The management company relayed that the owners did pest control before we moved in, and any subsequent problems are ours to deal with on our own. Have no idea how much extermination will run us, or if we'll just continue to fight them on the inside...
It does add another factor in considering whether we renew our lease next month.

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on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

Ug! Are ants as bad or worse than cockroochs? We had them when we lived in Eugene. The kitchen and bathroom didn't have windows and when we turned the lights on they would really surry. At least you didn't see them when you left the lights on all the time. :)

on Monday, July 11th, Moi said

I would say they each have their own problems. In our case, the ants are causing us injury. I don't recall hearing about cockroach bites, but would be more likely to recoil at a roach than an ant.

on Monday, July 11th, Tanya said

Hi there,
We are battling the earwigs. Yuck. Instects and summer are NOT my favorite things.

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