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07/08/2005: "A couple of neat days..."

Thursday started off nicely--I awoke early to prepare the food I volunteered for Patriarch McBride's funeral luncheon. I made two cakes and sliced up some fresh fruit. When I'm awake before everyone else it's nice to have the cd-walkman to listen to music without disturbing anyone's slumber =) I'm also glad it can play mixed cds that I've made of good working music or favorites from many albums. (Thanks again, Catharine & Will!)

Cheanna woke up and came to give me a hug--I figured out she had thrown up in the night sometime which she vehemently denied until I pointed out the vomit on her shirt. She was scared that she could throw up and not remember it... She did tell me that her tummy felt funny and we decided she was also starting a to run a higher temp. This left me in an odd position, as I had to deliver the food to the church that morning but also wanted to stay home and take care of my sick little girl. Richard volunteered to stay home from work to help me out, and we realized that it would be a great time for me to go to the family history center to submit my Grandfather's name for temple work. I also went to the Mesa Temple afterwards and proxied in an endowment session for another of my ancestors.

I have to say the joy I felt while I was getting the paperwork in order was tremendous. Words cannot describe it; my radiant smile shared part of my exuberance with the sister who was helping me at the FHC. It was a wonderful moment, soon to be eclipsed by the actual performance of the ordinances for my Grandfather Allen, along with sealing him to my Grandma Allen and then both of them to my Aunt Melanie. We can also seal him to his parents, since Richard and I have done the work for them as well. It really is the great plan of happiness, knowing that I can have a hand in performing these ordinances that each may accept or reject as desired... each will have a choice, each will have that opportunity, no one "damned" simply because they never embraced the fulness of the Gospel while on earth, each one to be resurrected someday. That joy fills my heart to overflowing...

That evening we had some friends over to eat dinner with us, lots of laughs and lots of fun... Richard really grills quite well.

Highlights from today include a message from the doctor letting me know that my glucose levels were just within normal range (yay! no extra test!), my iron levels showed no anemia, and I'm not running any sort of infection detectable by an elevated white blood count.

The children worked with each other today and helped thoroughly clean all of their bedrooms!! We did take a break to go swimming with Ginger when she called this afternoon, very fun, and even though it was 110 out there I had requests for hot cocoa as we were exiting the pool. Just goes to show what evaporation does for heat transfer =D

I'm really pleased with having all of these clean rooms---woohoo! Can you say, Flylady style vacation prep, here we come?

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on Tuesday, July 12th, MomR said

I can only imagine the joy you feel doing your close ancestors work. The work has been done for many generations of my ancenstors. I need to get busy and go to the family history center and find some of my ancestors that don't have their work done yet. I think it is wonderful that you and Richard are able to do this and you live close to the temple so you can.

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