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07/21/2005: "Life in the slow lane"

mood: hmmm

It's been really different on vacation in a lot of ways... Very different from the pace of life at home.

Of course, we are gearing up for lots of activities in Montana in the coming days. It will be great to see members of the family again, and meet some I've only ever heard of...

Elena is hitting a hard point in her development, making the transition from a little girl to a big girl. She becomes frustrated with what she can't do, wanting to do all that she can and not always accepting help gracefully when it's needed. (Gee, why does this sound so familiar? Who knew I was so much like a three year old? But I digress...)

I find myself with lots of time to think this week. I also find that my ability to coherently form those thoughts into intelligible words/phrases is severely lacking =/ I will keep mulling things over until something bubbles out, hee hee.

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on Saturday, July 23rd, mamacita said

Hey, folks, don't let her fool ya, she's been very bubbly since she got here. And coherent.

It's just hard to be away from home and comfort and loved one, no matter how fabulous the trip itself is...

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