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07/12/2005: "Twelfth Day"

mood: kinda cranky =)

Went to go get our tires checked this morning, and I'm really not happy about how it turned out. The tire place said they wouldn't repair the tire that had a nail in it (or replace it, which is what they're supposed to do if they won't fix it) because the tire had "irregular wear due to mechanical failure of the vehicle" and that is excluded from the warranty. In other words, pay for a brand new tire or go home. Actually, they wanted us to buy three new tires, saying that the front two and the rear passenger (the one with the nail) were all in need of replacement. They couldn't explain how the rear tire got that kind of wear when the other rear tire is just fine... So I called Don at Coulter motor, I'll take the van in tomorrow morning and they'll check out the alignment or anything else that could be causing "irregular wear". We'll decide whether or not to buy new tires or press the tire company about the warranty depending on what the mechanics find.

It's frustrating to have all these things popping up at the last minute when I've been saving to go to Idaho. Thankfully there was a McDonald's in the same parking lot as the tire company so the children could play there and not with the tires in the waiting room.

Looks like we won't be making the trip to Tempe Beach's Splash Playground tomorrow after all. Oh well. 115 degrees is still hot no matter how wet you are =)

I'm tying up loose ends this week so things can run as smoothly as possible while Richard is here by himself with only his work car. We've arranged for him to have rides to church, but I need to be sure everything else is as well stocked as possible. I have several sets of lists right now, detailing what needs to be done where/why. It gives me something to work on while I'm waiting, like at the doctor or McDonald's playplace.

~3:30pm Update~
Dr. Castilla's medical assistant just called to let me know that my test results were negative!!!!! Woohoo! This pregnancy's been miraculous in so many ways... 31 weeks, 8 more to go?
Now we just need to get the van in as good as traveling shape as I am ;)

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