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07/11/2005: "Weekend Haps"

mood: somewhat restless

Saturday we went to Tucson to visit Jay & Monica. They were very gracious hosts--we toured the house, met Demarco (7), swam in their pool, ate lunch, and watched some disney. They asked that we come back soon, so we will have to do that =)

The drive there and back made for some nice talking time for Richard and me. I will definitely have to take our van in to get checked before we head up to Idaho--the tires may need some work in addition to the requisite oil change.

Sunday went well. I subbed in Relief Society, Cheanna read a scripture for junior Primary opening exercises, and Elena requested that Duncan walk her to nursery. It will be very different to not have any of our children in the nursery next year... Elena will be a CTR-5 before baby Neelix* will enter the nursery in 2007, and Duncan will be heading into the Young Men program as baby Neelix* will be nearing the completion of his first year in Primary. Our home teacher came by so he could teach us all together before our trip, and Ginger dropped by some applesauce she'd canned from the Stake President's apple supply. She is doing so much canning this year, I'm amazed.

I have another OB appointment this afternoon. My friend Autumn is going to watch my children at her house while I'm gone. I'll post an update when I return.

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on Tuesday, July 12th, MomR said

It sounds like you are doing great. I'm so glad that Dr. Castilla approved your coming up here next week. I'm so looking forward to seeing all of you (minus Richard) =) I can imagine that your teaching the RS lesson on Temples Sunday was special to you after your being able to participate in the temple preparation thing you did a week or two ago.

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