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02/06/2006: "momentous occasions"

Oh, we've had a few of those "isn't that neat" but not earthshaking events happen over the past few days. Photo albums to come, highlights include:

*someone's five month old mark
*someone eating baby cereal for the first time
*someone losing a tooth

Other things not photographed include:

*Two, count em, two date nights, two weeks in a row. With plans for a third!
*Stake Conference, including both of us attending the Saturday evening session! (hasn't happened since Cheanna was a baby)
*Prep for a birthday this week

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on Tuesday, February 7th, MomR said

It's great that you were both able to go to Stake conference. Six years or six and half years is a long time since you've been able to attend together.

By the way we sent off Emma's birthday card yesterday. I hope it gets there on time.

Date nights are fun and very important. I'm glad and it's good you have been able to have a few lately.

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