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02/07/2006: "New photo album--February Firsts"

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on Tuesday, February 7th, MomR said

Cute pictures. My Ephriam is growning. the last four pictures were hard to tell who they where. I imagie it was Duncan, Cheanna, Emma and Elena. I could tell Cheanna but that was all. When I clicked on the picture I just got a blank screen. With a new computer whicn I hope to get next summer, I hope it will work the way it's supposed to. Looking forward to seeing all of you in the flesh in two months and five days.

on Tuesday, February 7th, Moi said

Actually, those last four are of Cheanna, including close-ups of her hand and face.

I too hope it will let you see the photos/websites.

on Tuesday, February 7th, Kimberly said

Cute pictures. Thanks for sharing

on Friday, February 10th, Autumn said

So fun! All of these precious moments pass by so quickly. How grateful I am for having a camera! Autumn

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