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02/12/2006: "Silk, Linen, Pearls and Peonies"

Ah, contemporary anniversaries, where would we be without you?

It's my golden baptism anniversary--the twelfth on the twelfth--and I'm a little ferklempt right now thinking about it.

I covenanted to follow Jesus, to acknowledge Him as my Savior. I entered in at through the gate He revealed for me, cleansed from my sins by the blood of the Lamb of God. It truly was the best choice I ever made, taking His name upon me and aligning myself with the Church He established.

Line upon line, precept upon precept, through all the highs and lows, my rage and praise and silence and confusion--His arm is outstretched still.

What a blessed day!

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on Tuesday, February 14th, MomR said

And I'm also very thankful that you embraced the gospel. I feel blessed to count you as one of my daughters-in-law. You are good for our Richard and such a good mother to your children. You have such a strong testimony that strengthens me. I love you.

on Wednesday, February 15th, Autumn said

Happy Golden Baptism Day! A very special time to take time to reflect the grand covenants made at baptism. Mine is the 4th of July...glad it's a holiday so I can remember two in one! I am grateful you chose to be baptized...otherwise we would have never met! Love you...Autumn

on Wednesday, February 22nd, Moi said

Thanks, MomR & Autumn (how cool is Independence Day for that ordinance?)--love you both!

Richard's Valentine's letter made reference to those sentiments of gratitude also.

"In all seriousness, your baptism anniversary is an important event. It allowed our romantic relationship to begin. It also began your ongoing relationship with the Son of Man who has been better for you than I.
While I'm living proof that membership in the Lord's church and a testimony of its teachings are no foolproof protection against losing one's perspective from time to time, I'm grateful for the peace of mind and hope that the Gospel has brought into your life as well as to mine. I want to work together with you to maintain the hope and perspective on life that we both owe to modern revelation."

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