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02/22/2006: "happy birthday George!"

We've had a full week down here in the Valley, field trips and family visits and such.

Working to compile the photos, will post links to the album(s?) when they're ready.

If you didn't realize it before, note that Emma's birthday photo album is linked in the original entry on 9 February.

I've also had some persistent ad-posting commenters as of late, resulting in a slew of IP addresses in the banned box. If you find that your comments aren't coming through, shoot me an email, we'll get it sorted out.

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on Thursday, February 23rd, Tanya said

How do you ban and IP address? Is this something with your server or something you added? Let me know because I have a sister that keeps getting stalked by a girl that is after the same guy my sister likes, and now she is stalking all of "our sisters" blogs.

on Thursday, February 23rd, Moi said

Yikes! It's a function of greymatter, the program used for this blog. In my login screen I have the options for editing/deleting posts, comments, templates etc. When comments are posted the program logs the IP address of the commenter, and I can use the ban an IP option to block them from further comments to the site. It doesn't stop anyone from viewing the materials and mocking them on another space, unfortunately.

I'm not sure if blogger has a similar option or not.

on Thursday, February 23rd, Moi said

I don't see anything about IPs, but this has comment moderation options for blogger


on Saturday, February 25th, MomR said

It's good to see you back! Altho' I don't check everyday I missed you. It sounded like you really enjoyed having your dad there. I'm glad he was able to fly down and be with you last weekend. Only about six more weeks and we'll be down there too. :)

on Saturday, February 25th, MomR said

I was able to look at Emma's birthday pictures today. My computer co-operated which it hasn't done on the others. So look at the note I added on that day.

on Saturday, February 25th, Moi said

Yeah, the blog ended up on the lower side of the scale the past little while...

We did have a great time with my Dad during his visit--I really need to just sit down and chronicle it here.

(Thanks for checking out Emma's b'day pics and for letting me know! If any of the rest of them don't work between now and April, you can review while you're here)

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