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02/09/2006: "Happy Birthday Emma Catharine!"

Today is the long awaited fifth birthday for Miss Emma. I'll be compiling a photo album and will add a link here when it's ready!

Update: Done and Done!

Click on Emma's Birthday 2006 to view the photos!

Or cut & paste:


Five is Fun!

Replies: 5 Comments

on Friday, February 10th, Autumn said

Did Emma have a great day and feel special? Spencer refused to accept it was his birthday yesterday until we had his "party" when daddy got home from work! It was funny actually. He asked for a blue present and a chocklick cake. When it came time to blow out his candles....he was very embarassed and I captured some funny photos with his lip stuck out and crying. After dad helped him blow them out he was happy again. Funny little 3 year old we have! We hope Emma had a great day. Autumn & Family

on Wednesday, February 22nd, Moi said

Emma did have a really fun birthday! She knew it was her special day from the moment she awoke =)

Awww, that's too funny about Spencer. Next year I doubt you'll have to convince him it's his birthday

on Saturday, February 25th, MomR said

I was finally able to look at all of the pictures you took on Emma's birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at them. I tried acouple of times before but my computer wouldn't co-operate. Today it did :). My all of your children are growing up; they all look older than they were in October. I would have tho't Ephraim would have been the only one to change but it doesn't seem so. They will really look different by the time we get down there in six or so weeks from when we were there. But it will be six months + since we'd seem them so.....

on Saturday, February 25th, Moi said

Hurrah, I'm happy your computer decided to cooperate! She has such a wonderful smile =D

They really are growing up so much--Sunday is Ephraim's half-birthday!

on Wednesday, March 1st, MomR said

In a way it doesn't seem possible that he's six months old already!

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