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02/15/2006: "a familiar refrain"

I read some of my journal entries from the past two years this week. It's fun to spot the patterns in child development, heartwarming to recall the precious moments, and humbling to see myself alternately struggling and succeeding.

Emma is where Cheanna was a couple of years ago, wanting so very much to read by herself, feeling left out of family scripture reading and constantly asking "what does that this say?". Cheanna reads whatever she can get her hands on, so I have every confidence Emma will find herself inside the circle soon enough.

Back in 2004 I wrote about how Duncan enjoyed helping wash the dishes with me, and really, that hasn't changed. He would rather wash dishes by hand than load/unload the dishwasher--so we can 'jack sprat' the dish tasks. I often have very eager volunteers for mopping, vacuuming...

The missionaries serving in our ward came over for dinner Sunday night. Elder Richardson played the "name that tune" on the piano with the children, and they had a blast. I cannot describe how amazing it is to sing along with my children, witnessing their pure joy in self-expression. Purchasing them each individual hymn books was initially intended to stop the fights over the ones in the pews at church--now it has yielded greater personal interest and participation in singing the hymns. We're following suit with the pocket-size spiral-bound children's songbook. Now they can carry both with their scriptures.

Monday ended up a sick day here. Emma and Cheanna vomiting in the night/early morning, thankfully Richard was here to take care of it so my gag reflex was only stimulated by the sounds of retching, and not the sights and smells. I think I'm caught up a bit on the missed sleep, and the girls are running around at full strength.

The children have recently discovered the world of Carmen Sandiego, and I wowed them with my rendition of Rockapella's "where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" =) The geography I learned at their ages is somewhat different than it is now--mostly name and boundary changes in other parts of the world. I suppose that's the way it is after every sort of war, even the cold ones.

Elena's delight in her baby brother continues--Ephraim is her first stop when she gets out of bed in the morning. Elena's full of quirks at this point, it will be interesting to see whether they remain as part of her personality as-is, if they change with her circumstances and age, or simply fade away as she passes through various stages.

The phrase repeats throughout, as well it should, because it's hard to remember it when I'm hacking a way through the jungle... A great blessing has come into my life, being a mother, a co-creator with my Heavenly Father. What a tremendous opportunity, to rear them in truth and light, to watch over and tutor them as they grow into adults.

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on Thursday, February 16th, Tanya said

did you see that you were also nominated for an award also! Go look at http://onewomansworld.blogsome.com/2006/02/14/final-nominee-list/

on Thursday, February 16th, Noelie said

I LOVE Rockapella. I Had to watch them so often I was frequently singing with.

Geograpy is a totally cool thing for kids to discover. My oldest Sean, was his schools Geography Bee winner three years running. So obviously "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" was a HUGE hit at our house.

on Thursday, February 16th, MomR said

thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your children, our grandchildren. Congrats on the nomination too!

on Thursday, February 16th, MomR said

I look forward to doing that too with your children while we are down there. Playing the piano while they sing. I will enjoy it and I think they will too.

on Saturday, February 18th, Lisa M said

What a beautiful tribute.

I have really enjoyed watching my older children revel in delight with the baby. It has indeed been something to smile about.~

on Saturday, February 18th, Kimberly said

I used to love to watch Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" when I was a teenager/young adult and used to watch it with my younger brothers. I so totally relate to the joy you feel as your children express themselves through music. Mine do that too. Grace is always singing, dancing and playing the piano and Alex is already expressing an intrest in joining choir club next year when he is old enough. I also have helpers around the house and Grace much prefers washing dishes by hand like Duncan does. Isn't motherhood wonderful?

on Wednesday, February 22nd, Moi said

Awww, Tanya, you shouldn't have! I'm truly not worthy...

Oooh, Noelie, that is really cool about Sean's bee victories! I need to find some a recording of the theme song somewhere...

MomR, I think we will all enjoy it. It will be neat to get some photos to compare with the ones from 2000 of you and Duncan at the piano =)

Lisa--those smiles a mile wide, I'm sure.

Kimberly, yes, motherhood is wonderful!!

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