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12/01/2005: ""Twice a day for the next ten days""

At least we know what caused the fever that caused the seizure! (that lived in the house that Jack built...)

Cheanna, Emma and Elena are all being treated for strep throat. Duncan and Ephraim look good so far, I'm praying it doesn't spread.

It throws a wrench into our plans this weekend:

Friday night: Phoenix East Stake production of "Scrooge" with our old friend Robert as Ebeneezer.
We have 6 tickets reserved--looks like only three of us will make it.

Saturday: Family pictures to be taken for Christmas.
I doubt this will happen...who wants to be photographed when ill?

Saturday/Sunday: Stake Conference.
Turns out I won't need to arrange a sitter for the meeting Saturday night, now. There is only the one session Sunday because we are changing the Stake Presidency, and parking is extremely limited. I don't know how things will go that day.

However, I am immensely grateful for the anitbiotics that can treat my daughters with and for the insurance which put our out of pocket at under $70 for the doctor visits/prescriptions. We are very blessed to be living where health care is readily available to us.

Other random notes:
I finished my first tunic for the nativity costumes and have the other tunic pieces cut. Once those are sewn I'll work on the robes/vests and headpieces.
We went to the Phoenix Symphony this morning--a very nice holiday concert. The Phoenix Boys Choir appeared at the end and sang a couple of Christmas tunes.
I think I figured out the tree model, finally, so I can finish up those and deliver them before the season is over! I know, I know, it's another impulsive project that I'm facing. I'm full of those these days.
I'm excited for the Narnia movie coming out next week--I enjoy the book/radio dramas so much. Even the BBC videos weren't that bad (I know you're laughing, Heather, but come on, it's not as bad as it could have been, right?)

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on Friday, December 2nd, MomR said

I'm so glad that you found out what caused the seizures. I was sure it was something like that....an underlying infection of some kind. I hope they all respond quickly to antibiotics. I've always been told that after being on antibiotics for 24 hours one is no longer contagious. I hope they all start feeling better as quickly. They all are in our prayers as you all are. Love you all.

PS Everything that I've sent you via e-amil the last few days has come back to me.

on Friday, December 2nd, Kimberly said

strept is no fun. I hope they start feeling better and maybe the boys escaped it? They say breast feeding helps them build antibodies so Ephraim might be safe

You have been tagged stop by my sight and find out what you need to do.

on Sunday, December 4th, Auntie Heather said

Whenever I read LWW out loud (or any other book with Lucy) I do her voice in a screechy Sussex-ish accent. Everyone else gets accents as normal as I can do. Maybe I should do Susan in an Eliza Doolittle.

on Monday, December 5th, Kimberly said

Heather, I liked the BBC videos. When I was younger my brother and sisters and I loved watching those. Does that make me weird? I am sure the new movie will be good and I am planning on seeing it.

on Monday, December 5th, Moi said

You know what they say, Kimberly, you're only as weird as you feel....

on Saturday, December 10th, Auntie Heather said

To be fair, I've only seen LWW, so I place no judgement on the others. And I reserve the right to remain silent on LWW.

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