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12/09/2005: "Finally Friday"

I'm having trouble with articulating right now so this entry will be detail sparse and fragment full.

Richard's trip to Ohio went well, a kind good samaritan out there is mailing us Richard's cell phone that was lost at the gas station. Richard's job is great, he's excelling, and I couldn't be happier for him.

I was able to purchase loads of books for $5 a box at the Homeschool Resource Center's sale on Tuesday. I ended up with lots of math, science and reading texts--yay!!!

Homeschool support group yesterday--fun Christmas party with a ham dinner. I brought mashed potatoes and gravy and five dozen cookies for the cookie exchange. Next week is Hall of Flame field trip.

Doctor appointment this morning--a new med and I'll return in five weeks to see if my concentration improves and my scatteredness decreases.

We have family pictures--I'll be sending those out soon and probably adding them to the website. I'm slowly working on a home for the holidays Kazoo edition.

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on Saturday, December 10th, Sissy Heather said

Good luck with them. I don't think mine is doing anything yet. Or maybe I'm just concentrating so much at the tasks at hand that I don't notice ;P

on Monday, December 12th, Autumn said

I know exactly how you feel! Autumn PS Glad to hear that Richard got home safe. Sometimes it's good to be seperated for a moment in time. Then the love and appreciation grows and the reunion is splendid!

on Tuesday, December 13th, Kimberly said

Téa, we always leave the star on a pillow with a note saying what service was rendered. If you would like I will post a picture of the star in the next day or so.

on Saturday, December 17th, MomR said

Boy! you sound busy. I hope the new med works well for you. You are in our prayers. Love you.

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