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12/05/2005: "Monday is Catch-up Day"

Okay, so it seems like that can be every day some weeks ::chuckles::

Laundry, dishes, costumes, trees, planning, packing (for Richard), decorations, cookie baking, Christmas cards, schooling... oh yes, since it's Monday, can't forget recycling! Medications have been taken, and all is well with the girls and boys here at home.

Kimberly tagged me--part of a fiendish plot to get me to acknowledge some of my finer qualities, no doubt....

My first draft came out this way:

Three Things I Like About Me:
1. I'm not dead yet
2. I haven't killed anyone (see#1)
3. I haven't created roadkill

I don't think that's quite what was intended though, so I sought out the wisdom of others...

Duncan's list of Three Things I like about my Mother:
1. She's fun most of the time.
2. Most of the time she smiles if I can get a smile out of her.
3. It seems like she would really like to play with me most of the time if she had the time to.

Cheanna's list of Three Things I like about you, Mother:
1. I like it when we have time together, especially when the time is just you and me together.
2. I like you always
3. I like you and our family

Emma's list of Three Things she likes about me:
1. I like you taking a bath (?)
2. I love you having a shower (?? Am I a nicer person when I'm clean?)
3. I like your work.

Elena's list of Three Things:
1. I like coloring notebooks with you
2. I like using the bathroom with you
3. I like to dance with you

I couldn't get Ephraim's list, but I would imagine it would include things like warm milk and clean diapers =)

Hmmm, shall I give it another go?

My list of Three Things I like about Me:
1. My sense of humour
2. My hair
3. My desire to improve myself and my surroundings

So far, so good....

Evening update:
Richard's List of The hard-to-narrow-down-to-three things he likes about me
1. My wit
2. My interest in the world around me.
3. My unfailing love for him and for our children.

Awwww, I'm blushing =)

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on Tuesday, December 6th, mamacita said

Three things this household likes about you:

1) You're incredibly smart.

2) You're incredibly patient with children and ninnies.

3) You're very fun to be around.

We love you!

on Friday, December 9th, Sissy Heather said

1. You're a fantastic singer

2. Scrapbooker Extraordinare

3. A good mommy

on Friday, December 16th, Moi said

Thanks Mom & Heather. I feel the love =D

on Saturday, December 17th, MomR said

Here are my three things:
1: I love the way you love and teach your children.
2: I love the way you support and love our Richard.
3: I love your testimony of and devotion to the gospel.
and 4: I love talking to you on the phone.(In person would be nicer but since the distance....)

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