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12/23/2005: "Happy Christmas Eve Eve!"

~~The start of the Christmas weekend~~

I'm thinking we need to figure out a rotation for who is going to help Ephraim open his presents. Undoubtedly we will have four very eager helpers, even amidst the excitement of their own wrappings =)

At Eph's doctor appointment Wednesday he weighed 7kg. He's a growing baby boy! The quest to medicate him (and not his outfit) goes okay...better received than the suctioning of his nose.

We are very blessed to have our little family all together to celebrate Christmas.

Tonight's broadcast for the prophet Joseph Smith's 200 birthday was well done. I enjoyed the messages and testimonies. I'm also glad that we can see the new Joseph Smith film at the Mesa Temple Visitors' Center--we don't have to wait until our next trip through SLC.

We're having ourselves a merry little Christmas. I'm sure we'll have many memories to share

We're watching Finding Neverland tonight. Richard extends a hearty thanks for the birthday DVDs!

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on Thursday, December 29th, MomR said

Did you know that Pres. Hinckley was in SLC as that was broadcast? or on his way back.GrandmaR told us that they said o the news that they heard a big storm was forecast either in Vermont or somewhere between there and SLC and so he and Elder Ballard taped their part and so it could be broadcast with the rest of it and then headed back to Utah. It was on the Utah news I guess. That's the only way we heard it.

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