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12/13/2005: "The Lone Rearranger rides again!"

(If you've seen Between the Lions, you know where the titles comes from...)

Today I was sitting on the couch and I decided that I needed to find spots for the books I acquired at the sale last week, as the middle of the front room in liquor boxes just ain't cutting it.

Instead of impulsively rushing out to buy more bookshelves, I determined I could use this as an opportunity to rearrange some things here on the home front. I cleared out one entire shelf by placing the scrapbooks on the entertainment center shelving--yay! Of course, if I'm tackling something I figure I need to get everything I've thought of moving around done at one time... so I moved the filing cabinets, I moved the computer desks, I moved the sets of drawers with homeschool & art supplies, I moved the lamp, I moved the library bookshelves to three different locations before settling on its present spot.... I didn't move the piano or the three large white bookshelves, but I did move the narrower cherry shelves, the drum set and the keyboard. And then I left papers everywhere and took the girls to scouts =) Richard didn't know what hit him as he came to finish up some class work tonight.

From my perspective here at the desk, things look pretty good. I still have some paper tigers to tackle, and I'll tame them fifteen minutes at a time.

I need to finish up a couple of trees for my visiting teachers who are coming tomorrow. Ginger, if you're reading this, I have yours done--we can swap now!!

Oh, and I still need to put those books up on the shelf =D

Hi Ho Twister, Away!

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on Friday, December 16th, Moi said

Update--the books are content with their new home and haven't bailed out yet.

on Saturday, December 17th, Autumn said

GO Tea' GO!!! I love it when I get those spurts of energy and the organizing bug! I am a little jealous because that hasn't happened to me in A LONG TIME!!!!!!

on Saturday, December 17th, MomR said

You sound so ambitious!
Keep up the good work. But don't bite off more than you can chew.

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