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12/24/2005: "Merry Christmas Eve!"

The turkey is thawing, the texas toast is too...
Richard is working a bit today, but should be home again before too long (evidence waits for no man, even on Christmas Eve).

The weather outside is delightful and we haven't had to turn the heat on all this week. Emma is holding out hope that it will snow on Christmas, despite the forecast of 80 for today and tomorrow.

Cheanna wants to extend the season and celebrate some of the other winter holidays she had on her calendar. They made edible dreidels at the grocery store play house this week =)

Ephraim seems to be feeling much better--no more grabbing at his ear and I haven't felt his temperature rise so far today.

As the blogging world in general is the blogosphere, the LDS blogging world has come to be the bloggernacle. It's incredibly diverse, full of wonderful writers, and their thought provoking writings. Merry Christmas to all of you in the reading audience of this small blip on the internet!

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