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12/29/2005: "Fun & Full Tuesday Part Deux"

Tuesday night we drove to the Johnston home in Queen Creek and met some of the people we've only known as names on various webpages. Here are some of their posts and comments about the evening:

First off, the original Arizona Bloggersnacker Invitation from Geoff at New Cool Thang

Kaimi's post on Times & Seasons reviews An evening in Queen Creek

John F. gives us a bird's eye view on The Bloggernacle in Queen's Creek

Brian Duffin's Deseret Blog has his spin on the evening If You Could Hie to Queen Creek

One other note on the evening: I wowed Geoff and Kaimi with my knowledge of a small anglesey town with a big name llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Want to hear it pronouced? Click here

Mardell was wearing her FMH t-shirt, something I've decided to reward myself with when I reach my weight loss goal(s) in 2006. Another bonus, it will give me time to save up for it while I'm remembering George... Or maybe I'll get that along with my Flylady items for my birthday, who knows?

John's square dancing stirred the memories of my dancing history. There's a group that's square dancing (with a live band!) at the rec center on second and fourth Saturdays. Hmmmm...

The foods for our munching were delicious! Kristen's a very gracious host, even with all of the little chocolate covered toddlers we had running around. She held Ephraim a few times, between his naps and feeding times.

Geoff also gave us a CD as we were leaving--woohoo! =)

Our children didn't leave as willingly as I supposed they might given the late hour (we arrived home just before 2am). Emma Catharine was the only one awake when we pulled into the garage and she protested mildly about having to go to bed, as opposed to the nights when she does so quite strongly.

A very fun evening for our first bloggernacle adventure--here's to many more!

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on Friday, December 30th, Brian Duffin said

Your pronunciation of llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is spot on! Wow! Of course, I'm still wondering how you were able to change your voice? Hrm.... :-)

So nice to meet you and your husband. I look forward to more Arizona Bloggersnackers!

on Monday, January 2nd, john f. said

Cool report of the gathering. It was tons of fun. I can't believe how late you all got home!

By the way--cool blog!

on Tuesday, January 3rd, Téa said

Thanks Brian, my impersonation skillz are highly underrated.

It was great fun--maybe we'll have to host one and send everybody halfway to California instead of New Mexico =)

on Tuesday, January 3rd, Téa said

John, thanks, and yes, even with freeways it takes a while.

I had one of those moments where I was looking around to see if there was another blog here behind me that you were talking about--I appreciate the compliment, especially coming from someone of your blogging stature =)

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