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12/21/2005: "Happy Winter Solstice!"

~~Ephraim's left ear is infected, and he will be taking medicine twice a day for the next ten days. I'm glad we caught it before the holidays--he's already happier tonight than he has been all day (when he's been awake).

~~As winter begins here in Arizona, we are looking at a forecast of solid 70s for the next week or so. I actually turned on the a/c as I was driving for a bit because I was sweaty wearing a heavier long sleeve shirt.

~~Elena is officially three and a half years old today!

~~We start mailing holiday letters tomorrow (I say holiday just in case they are there on, oh say, Boxing Day or in your mailbox sometime during Hanukkah)

~~We have no scouts until the second week of January. It's a little different having activities that follow the public school calendar. Cheanna and Emma earned another petal on the daisy along with a pizza party patch to iron on! Duncan should have his Bobcat award sewed on by the next meeting =)

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