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01/05/2006: "A trio of treasures to truncate my torpor and tumult"

AnneGB posted at Ethesis a few days ago

here is an excerpt from her guest post

Which brings me to my main point today. Turning our will and lives over to the power of God. This is the third step of AA, Al-Anon, every 12-step group: "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the CARE (note that important )of God, as we understand Him."

President Joseph Fielding Smith as he describes this life in Hymn 127.

Does the journey seem long,
The path rugged and steep?
Are there briars and thorns on the way?
Do sharp stones cut your feet
As you struggle to rise
To the heights thru the heat of the day?

Is your heart faint and sad,
Your soul weary within,
As you toil ‘neath your burden of care?
Does the load heavy seem
You are forced now to lift?
Is there no one your burden to share?

Let your heart be not faint
Now the journey’s begun;
There is One who still beckons to you.
So look upward in joy
And take hold of his hand;
He will lead you to heights that are new—

A land holy and pure,
Where all trouble doth end,
And your life shall be free from all sin,
Where no tears shall be shed,
For no sorrows remain.
Take his hand and with him enter in.

The third tried and true testimony comes from Darla Isackson's Letting Go vs. Giving Up
Here is an excerpt from her insightful article:

"A New Year beckons — each day a blank page waiting for me to fill. I need a new year, a new perspective, a chance to reassess. Since August I've been besieged with illness. I have chronic conditions that compromise my immune system and drain my energy. In typical fashion, the adversary pounds on me when I am the weakest, and the greatest temptation is to just plain give up that I will ever be able to do a tenth of the things I'd so love to do.

If I give up, I shut the door and quit trying. I use energy in a negative way and say, “I can't believe this situation continues decade after decade.” I may even lie to myself and say, “I've tried everything, I've explored every option; there is nowhere else to go for help.” I'm also tempted to give up that I will ever overcome the tendencies and patterns that escalate my illness: for instance, over the years I've repeatedly said things to myself such as “No one will understand why I can't do this; besides, I hate letting anyone down.” Then I push till I drop — and end up flat in bed.

Facing this predictable outcome yet again, I ponder and pray for strength and guidance. The answer comes that I simply need to let go of the “when” and “how” and “if” of my healing and concentrate on receiving and obeying the Lord's guidance in this moment. I also realize that the healing of my spirit is much more vital to my eternal salvation than the healing of my body.

The cleansing process of letting go is a refreshing alternative to giving up. It is vital to healing, vital to progress. Letting go offers freedom from the disease of despair and the captivity of fear."

I say any article that references the story of monkey traps and makes me think of Booboo the Baby Babboon is definitely worth the read ;) I too, do not want to be Booboo.

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on Thursday, January 5th, Kimberly said

I love reading Ethesis's blog. He really has a way with words

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