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01/04/2006: "Don't know much about marathons..."

I confess, my knowledge is limited to what I gleaned from ancient Greece, gatorade commercials, a certain marathon heroine of mine from a small town in Idaho, and the occasional LDS General Conference talk.

Right now I'm not sure if I'm trying to run without shoelaces

or if I'm able to juggle and run at the same time when I get my shoelaces

or if I'm able to juggle only when walking no matter what

or if I'm just dissatisfied with my pace

or if I'm one of those people who really don't have it in them to finish

or if I'm one of those people who will eventually cross the finish line long after everyone else

or if I'm just running up a really steep hill

or if I'm tumbling head over heels down the slope

or if I'm standing still while the world spins below

or if I'm making marathons out of sprints

or if I'm mixing my metaphors and stretching my similes

or if I'm making any sense at all

or if I'm just running through a temporary fog

or if I'm trapped in dark mists for the rest of my journey

or if I'm ever going to run like I know I can ever again...

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on Thursday, January 5th, mamacita said

hmmm. you post a really insightful take on your situation and you get a spam comment. DELETE!!
hey, just wanted to say that it must be really really tough to feel unstable, then take a blend of meds which are supposed to make you stable, only to find that they make things worse, not better.

I hope you find a way to weather this storm, because I'm living proof that this, too, shall pass. In fact, so are you ! =)

on Thursday, January 5th, Kimberly said

Be patient with yourself Téa, your posts show that you aren't as unstable as you are leading yourself to believe. After all recognition is often half the battle and you do recognize that there is a problem. That is good.

You made a statement on here that said:

"or if I'm one of those people who will eventually cross the finish line long after everyone else

Téa, you are not in a race. Just crossing the finish line regardless of who crossed before or after you makes you a winner.

Hang in, endure and let people have the blessings of helping you through!

on Thursday, January 5th, Tanya said

Or are you like me that starts wheezing at the start of the race and just has to walk it out, forget the RUN! :)
Yes, Delete that spam!!!!

on Thursday, January 5th, Moi said

Spam deleted, IPs banned... Not as bad as Heather's current spam headache, thankfully...

on Thursday, January 5th, Moi said

It's much easier to appear stable than it is to feel it =)

Thank you for all of your encouragement--my storms would be much darker without your points of light.

on Thursday, January 5th, sarebear said

Hi Tea! So glad to have found your blog. I hope you are doing ok, today. I'm kinda dark but hanging on to a few shreds of rationality.

on Saturday, January 14th, MomR said

Like Kimberly said, this is not a race and finishing is what counts. When I read that statement about being the last one over the finishline, my tho't was, "But you finished and that's what counts!!" Hang in there. Our prayers are with you. We love you.

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