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01/15/2006: "Self Expression"

I'm not nearly as skilled as the writer Wait Wait--Don't Tell Me! who creates for the weekly listener limerick challenges. Writing current event limericks takes talent =)

On the subject of identity:

It seems easy to pigeonhole me
simply by what you may see
Somedays I'm loquacious
(some call me pugnacious)
but no label will fit to a T


I enjoy writing. I make lists on all sorts of papers, I record thoughts here on the 'blog and in my others journals, I make occasional comments on other blogs/forums. I try to be deliberate with my word choice because the subtleties of connotation might (however unintentionally) convey a different message. I'm well aware of the power of words to enlighten or malign (or bore, even, yes, I see you yawning *yawn* stop that!)

I like to write and I like to read. I think that they go hand in glove together. Writing remains one of those passions I deeply desire to improve upon. Other modes of expression seem more likely to remain simple hobbies with no hidden gushers of talent waiting to spring forth.

Not that I have any delusions about the quality of my writings, fear not dear reader. I know I'm not going to earn a living by the pen (or wordprocessor) but as long as my aphasia remains at bay, I will delight in the writings I can produce.

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on Monday, January 16th, sarebear said

THIS IS SO ME, TOO! Woops darn capslock.

Especially on trying to use the right words, trying to convey the right nuance and connotation.

on Monday, January 16th, Moi said

I think that sometimes in our intensity capslock works out GREAT!

(it's embarassing when I think I've hit the A key and all of a sudden I have capitalized words that are one letter off)

on Tuesday, January 17th, Autumn said

Ok, so Saturday you feel like you are in a dazey fog...then Sunday you write a limerick!? So funny! Let's see, if you still feel like you are in a fog with your side effects AND you wrote this blog on Sunday....well I am in BIG trouble!!!! For Autumn to write a limerick that even looked like a limerick I would probably have to be another woman...someone like...Tea'! You have a talent that is beyond anything I could imagine myself accomplishing. :) Love, Autumn

on Tuesday, January 17th, Moi said

Autumn, you crack me up! Thanks for the compliment =)

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