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01/14/2006: "sorting out symptoms from side-effects"

It appears that the difficulty concentrating I suffered in recent months was more of a side-effect than a symptom. That's right, I'm reading again, and taking great joy in the process and the comprehension =)

The withdrawal headaches and nausea have passed, thankfully. My body really wanted to hang on to that medication even if it wasn't working for me--bleah. It's a strange liberty, being (temporarily) med-free. Well, I'm still taking all those vitamins and minerals, so I'm not without my pills, word.


I'm having a hard time sitting down to write, though. I want to be up and doing and sitting down to write seems terribly unproductive compared to the list of things I've been holding onto for "when I'm feeling better". Strange, isn't it?

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on Saturday, January 14th, mamacita said

Hang in there, sweetie, we're pulling for you. And, take some time to formulate Plan B in case you find that you really need some type of meds, after all.

The docs should be working for YOU, so they should be sensitive to your knowledge of what works FOR you.

Find courage and strength and enjoy your times of clarity. Keep us posted.

on Saturday, January 14th, Moi said

Hey Mama, thanks!

on Tuesday, January 17th, MomR said

side effects sound so much better than symptoms. Especially when you don't need what causes the side effects. I hope the vitamins and minerals will work for you. Sometimes that's all that's needed. like your mom said keep hanging in there.

on Tuesday, January 17th, MomR said

I need to add that it's good that you have your concentration back and cn enjoy reading again.

on Tuesday, January 17th, Moi said

I don't think this is a permanent arrangement by any means. I'll likely be starting a new medication in the next couple of weeks, once we know it's safe to start it.

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