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01/17/2006: "For myself--A reminder"

I'm going to keep this one at the top for a while, so there will be some scrolling necessary for newer posts. Richard wrote this for me about five years ago and I discovered it again last night in my sunshine journal.

Life's not an easy voyage,
With toil it is wrought;
And it humbles you to see sometimes
Just how much you are not.

Of course the journey is worth the taking,
It's why we're here on the earth;
But it's far from the only thing
Down here that is of worth...

So when you're discouraged
Or think you've not come far,
Step back and pause to read this list
Of All the Things You Are.

Trying so very hard to be a good wife and mother
Eagerness to please your Heavenly Father
Anchored in a firm faith in His plan

Earnestly making an effort to learn
Loving to all of God's creatures
In touch with the messages needed to help them
Zealous for the fulfilling of all the promises and covenants we've made
Above petty words and actions
Better each year, even though the days get discouraging sometimes
Elevated to a sense of purpose greater than your own appetites
True to your covenants, which will take a lifetime to live perfectly
Honest to others at all times

Remembering that others are special and important, even when they don't act like it
Operating with imperfect means in an imperfect world
Beautiful enough to not have to doubt it
Invariably very cute and a joy to be around
Nearly able to see it all sometimes, but patient in those times when it's harder
Simple in wants and needs ('tis a gift)
Overly optimistic...about some of your husbands's better qualities, but he doesn't mind
Now on the right track, and a lot farther than you were just a short time ago

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on Tuesday, January 17th, Autumn said

What a wonderful reminder for you....and for me. Richard has a unique way in helping you to see the "light" in great darkness. A gift to you that is unmeasurable. Love, Autumn

on Tuesday, January 17th, Mamacita said

Wow. Such a way with words all my children and their families have!

Keep this on top for a LONG time, because I think you too often forget that those of us who know you differently than you know yourself, see you maybe a bit more honestly than you really see yourself.

And those of us who have no need to diminish you will still be constructively positive and willing to provide any guidance you're in need of.

I love you, and obviously I'm not the only one !

on Sunday, February 26th, Stephen M (Ethesis) said

This is sweet.

BTW, I've added you to my links.

I've enjoyed your thoughts and your blog.


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