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01/18/2006: "upkeep"

I've been working on an essay on lines, hope to finish and post that soon.

I've taken one of the entries off the main page because it continues to attract fake-meat postings even though I've blocked those IPs, I'm tired of seeing them show up in the control log. So if you were looking for that one, that's why it's gone. Hopefully they will stop trying to get us all to gamble and buy internet drugs =P

Made it to Girl Scouts last night, Emma and Cheanna have earned another petal--yay!

Tonight is cubs. I'll make sure Duncan gets there this week =)

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on Wednesday, January 18th, Auntie Heather said

Aww. Soon they'll start attracting bees.

on Thursday, January 19th, mamacita said

Aww, actually they will attract similarly beautiful butterflies!

on Thursday, January 19th, MomR said

My you sound busy. Is Richard able to go to the scout meetings with you or is it just you and the children? I hope you can all go. I hope you are feeling better. I love you.

on Thursday, January 19th, Moi said

Richard is still at work most nights when scout time rolls around. He was able to make it for the Cub award meeting with some advance planning. He would have to be home by 5pm to leave with us to go to Daisies.

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