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01/29/2006: "Another Album--Ephraim 4 months old"

Click to view the new album, Ephraim Four Months, or copy this address into your browser:


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on Sunday, January 29th, MomR said

Very nice. I was able to see the thumb nail pictures even tho' nothing happened when I clicked on each one or on the sight in your posting. I think there is something wrong with my computer. I'm saving for a brand new state of the art one I hope to get next summer. Keep up with the pictures. I didn't realize that Eph sucked his thumb but you had proof there. He's starting to look like Duncan's brother instead of of exactly like Duncan or a repeat of Duncan. :)

on Monday, January 30th, Kimberly said

You have adorable children. I really like the pic of Emma and Ephraim together. You really should put more pics of you on your blog Téa you are a very attractive person and it's fun to see pics of the person you read about on blogs!

on Tuesday, January 31st, Moi said

Thanks, MomR, I hope you'll be able to see future albums as well.

Thanks, Kimberly. When I get some pics of me looking as good as Tanya, I'll put some more up =)

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