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01/26/2006: "Christmas Photo Album"

Thanks to some handy and patient web coaching (thank you!) I have added a photo gallery to Robinson Kazoo.

You can view Christmas 2005 Photos in either thumbnail or full size. Simply click on a thumbnail picture to see it larger along with titles and captions. Navigation options available both ways--clicking on "Back to Home" will return you to the blog.

More albums to come!

Replies: 8 Comments

on Friday, January 27th, Sissy Heather said

Man, that Richard can help out with everything!

on Friday, January 27th, Sissy Heather said

ps. how many tax preparation help joke solicitations have you gotten so far?

on Friday, January 27th, Moi said

We've gotten a few, and then they laugh and say, but seriously, what do you know about.....

(ps--unofficial advice for family is always free)

on Saturday, January 28th, MomR said

I clicked on the Christmas time like I have on other highlighted things in your blog and all I got was a blank page. What am I doing wrong? Does it take forever 'cause of my antiquainted computer or is it something else? I really wanted to check it out.

on Saturday, January 28th, Moi said

I don't know =)

Try clicking this or putting it into your browser


on Saturday, January 28th, Kimberly said

Nice pics. I enjoyed them a lot. Looks like you had a great Christmas!

on Monday, January 30th, Autumn said

Very cute photos and we love your decorations! I love Christmas. Autumn

on Tuesday, January 31st, Moi said

Thanks everyone for checking them out--we did have a very nice holiday =)

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