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01/01/2006: "Happy New Year!"

I hope you are all enjoying 2006 so far.

We're back from the ice cream social, despite the pleas of the children that we just stay a little longer... It's really nice to be able to walk there without sweating profusely, thank you Arizona winter =)

Church meetings today focused on new themes for the year. Our Ward theme, from Doctrine & Covenants 87:8, is to stand in holy places and be not moved. After two speakers on the theme, the Bishop took some time to talk to us about the new year to and to call the congregation to repentance for various sins of commission and omission.

The changes in Primary went well enough for our family. Elena and Emma are now in junior primary together, and Cheanna and Duncan in senior primary. Sunday school introduced the topic of the Old Testament, without the new Gospel Doctrine teacher who will make her debut next week. She is new to me and I'm curious to see what techniques she uses.

In Relief Society our theme for 2006 is "Be Happy". The Relief Society president had two sisters share their conversion stories with us and about how much happiness the Gospel brings. I resigned today as a Visiting Teacher and requested that I be removed from the list of sisters to be taught until I can pull my own weight in the organization. When Duncan is old enough to watch his sisters alone or I have fewer appointments competing for childcare, then I will volunteer again. At this season in my life it doesn't seem to fit and the sisters on my route deserve someone who can truly serve them.

As I look back over 2005 there is but one obvious analysis: failed stewardships. I decided that VT need not be one for 2006, and this was the solution I chose. It has been a day of much quiet reflection for me, as I ponder my myriad mistakes: what can I learn from them, how can I avoid repeating them, where will this path take me? God only knows....

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on Monday, January 2nd, Kimberly said

My dear sister,
at the risk of sounding preachy I think you are wrong to turn down visiting teachers. It is okay that this is not your season to serve in that capacity, we have all been there. But please let them serve you. It may prove to be helpful to you and your family. It is NOT about pulling weight. Let them serve you Téa please?

Also, yes, this is a time of reflection but don't get too caught up on y our mistakes. It is also a time of forgivness and clean slates. You are wonderful, making mistakes is a part of life, Don't beat yourself up please.

on Monday, January 2nd, Moi said

Indeed, I may be wrong to remove myself from the list of sisters to be visited. However, I will feel better knowing that I'm not taking a VT away from someone else who really needs to be visited, like those whom I neglected over the course of the past year.

on Monday, January 2nd, Kimberly said

Well I am sure you made this decision prayerfully so I am not going to hound you on it but I have been there. I requested no visiting teachers for very much the same reasons. I learned that that is not the purpose of visiting teaching and that it is ok to have them come. I respect your decision on this Téa, just know that God loves yous o much. He is pleased with how much you try and he is watching out for you and visiting teachign is just one of the many programs he uses to take care of his children here on earth!

on Monday, January 2nd, Tanya said

I can understand both your feelings on this. I am not a big fan of Vistiting Teaching, it is one of my biggest failing I think. I have rarely seen it work for me on either side of the coin. I try to be patient on that end, and learn, and i'm not sure I ever will. Luckily I have had the joy of Visiting a lady the past year or so, that has really helped a great deal in feeling the joy of Visiting Teaching. In that light I agree with Kimberly here, don't deny the blessing of someone visiting you! You never know what they may need to come visit you! If it hadn't been for this Lady I see, I might not have learned near as much as I have, so you never know what someone coming to see you can learn or what kind of Friendship it can bring. You are the part of the RS and that includes being visited by someone in the ward, Don't let your concerns, keep them from seeing you, let that be their choice, as it is yours in feeling so overwhelmed with what you have on your plate. I often don't want someone to come to my home, it hurts too much most of the time, but I still pray for that person that will actually completely understand how I feel on a given moment, even when I don't want to admit it to myself.
I love you!

on Monday, January 2nd, Kimberly said

Tanya's comment reminded me of something. When I lived in Payson I had the same visiting teacher for 3 years. Right before we moved she said something to me that I will always remember. She said that before she visit taught me, she didn't understand depression. She was judgmental and thought it was just an excuse to be unproductive. After getting to know me however, she changed her view point. She learned from me that depression is an illness. She gained more compassion and love. Imagine if I had denied her the opportunity to learn that.

Even a lousy visiting teacher can learn from her mistakes with visiting teaching.

You can grow through learning to allow someone to serve you just as they can grow through the service. Just something to think about! It is kind of like me not wanting to recieve help for Christmas and therefore denying others the blessings of serving.

on Tuesday, January 3rd, Sissy Heather said

Sorry about that day of down-time. Host renewing delay.

Happy new year! Woof.

on Tuesday, January 3rd, Tanya said

Glad to see the down time wasn't serious. I tried to access the site to bookmark it for Michael to have on his desk! I was worried for a moment.
Love ya!

on Saturday, January 14th, MomR said

When I read that you requested to not be a visiting teacher anymore, I understood exactly why. I didn't do it either when Bryan and Michael were both babies and while Karen was a baby also. There is a time and a season for everything.

However, when I read that you had requested that you not be visited, a feeling pierced my heart. I tho't Oh, I hope she doesn't mean that. As I read the other comments I now know that you did mean that. As it has been stated by others, by requesting that you are denying others the opportunity to serve you and learn from you. Also you are removing the way the Lord has outlined for the sisters, RS president, and therefore the bishop to keep track of you and how you are doing. I beieve that you need all of the support that you can get. I believe that you need some very special visiting teachers who understand and love you; who can support and sustain you when you are going thro' such a rought time as you have been. I know I take comfort in knowing that your ward family cares about you and supports and is there to help you when you need help since I am so far away and can't do it. Please pray some more about this. I respect your decision whatever it is. I know the Lord will understand too altho' He may be disappionted in your decision. I love you.

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