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01/17/2006: "the dawn of a new day"

Lisa posted a wonderful tribute to Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, I link to this one at Conversation.

She has an incredibly hard time ahead of her, not only the logistics of improving the wretched conditions in Liberia but as she stated in a TIME interview, she faces detractors who want to see her fail because they aren't really convinced that women can be leaders. *sigh*
In my mind, gender doesn't make or break a leader/candidate, and I hope to see the day when it's as potentially irrelevant as skin color.

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on Tuesday, January 17th, Lisa M said

I too hope to see the day.

I wish I had read the TIME interview, I'll have to see if I can find that.

I did see her, in an NBC Today interview, well I caught the tale end of it.

I just love her sparkle and vive.

on Tuesday, January 17th, Téa said

It's on page 8 of the year in medicine issue 12/05/05. Here's a link to it in the TIME Europe online:


I wonder if I can find that Today interview online somewhere...

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