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11/01/2005: "Happy All Saints Day!"

mood: ...hmmm, I'll get back to you on that...

We've had a nice Halloween "season" but I'm definitely ready to move on to Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Okay, the house isn't as ready as I am...I do have plans to put our giving thanks wreath on the door and bring the pumpkins back inside today.

My book club decided to take November off (our regular night would fall on Thanksgiving). I can keep working on October's selection "The Revised and Enhanced History
of Joseph Smith by His Mother
" before we read Christmas Jars.

October found me falling behind in my reading, oftentimes like today I'm catching up on 3-4 newspapers + magazines, not to mention the library books sitting on my shelf. Between juggling all of our activities and my responsibilities at home I've omitted some of my personal reading time. I've been chugging along on our Book of Mormon reading--our whole family is taking the challenge from President Gordon B. Hinckley to finish reading that book of scripture by the end of the year. We'll celebrate together after the broadcast on December 23.

I have high hopes for November. It has to be better than last year, right? =D

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on Tuesday, November 1st, Kimberly said

We are focusing on the Gospel Doctrine scriptures for our family study and doing the Book of Mormon individually.

Grace is a haed of schedule on her Book of Mormon reading but Nathaniel needs to play catch up.

I am on my second time around in the Book of Mormon this year and I am so enjoying and learning from the challange.

I have read the Revised and Enhanced History of Joseph Smith by his Mother and very much enjoyed it.

Like you I am looking forward to upcoming holidays. Isn't it nice that seasons and holidays change just enough to keep us from getting bored?

on Friday, November 4th, Moi said

Good to hear it.

Had you read the earlier edition to know more of the differences in voice? No one in our group had read both.

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