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11/10/2005: "A wonderful support meeting"

I am really going to like this homeschool group--the women were all very welcoming, the children played and made friends. It's really wonderful to have found an inclusive group here!!! We'll go on a field trip next week, and we'll see just how many names I can match with faces, heh heh.

I dreamt that I had missed the meeting, that I had slept until 2pm and was trying to scramble through the daily motions. When I finally got up (Richard left ~4am) I was so sure it would be afternoon; after all, I had just carried out my morning routines in my mind! The mind is a funny thing sometimes.

I walked around the Wal*Mart fabric section tonight, trying to figure out what I'm doing for Christmas Pajamas this year. Last year we did Goodwill finds, this year I'd like to make them nightshirts again if I remain stable enough to do so.

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on Friday, November 11th, Kimberly said

I am so glad the meeting went well and you found a good support group for your home schooling efforts. That makes things so much better I think.

Did you find the fabric you needed for the pj's we are cheating this year (we bought the kids each a pair of Pj's back in September to save for Christmas) Kim doesn't like Grace to wear nightgowns (long story) so we bought everyone pajama sets. I saw some cute blankie sleepers at K-mart and kind of wished I had a little one to buy them for.

on Sunday, November 13th, Moi said

I mentioned it in the new post, but I ended buying pj's this year too. My project this year is nativity costumes, similar deadline though I don't have to hide it from the children =)

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