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11/18/2005: "It's beginning to look a lot like..."

we've decided where the tree will go this year. We've rearranged the front room since last Christmas, so this year we are putting the tree in the living room where the train table was (moved that to Duncan's room for right now).

The nativity will grace the piano top again, and outdoor decorations will appear next weekend.

This year marks a new tradition, of each child having a small tree to decorate how he/she desires with ornaments of their own making or choosing (ornaments for the family tree not available for selection in most cases). They are eager to get them on display.

We might get to go play in the snow tomorrow, depending on how the day goes. Buckeye is having an arts & crafts fair and is reportedly trucking in about 30 tons of snow =)

It was nice to be able to walk with the children to the Walgreens this morning to pick up my medications. It was windy yet pleasant--a lovely day down here in the Valley of the Sun.

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on Saturday, November 19th, Tanya said

Hi there,
I tried to email you about Abbie's visit with the cardiologist but it came back undeliverable. Do you have a new email, or do you think it was blocked thinking it was spam, since I sent it to several friends and family. Glad you saw it on my blog. Glad to see you getting ready for Christmas, I have no clue when we are going to get going on it ourselves.

on Saturday, November 19th, MomR said

That is an interesting new tradition. Will the children put their trees in their rooms? It sounds like fun. I can't think of homemade Christmas decorations without thinking of our first tree. It was Karen's first Christmas. Bryan was three and Michael two. We had enough money to buy the tree and one set of lights and ball ornaments. Then we made sugar cookies. I told the boys not to DARE touch those cookies until it was time to take the tree down. I had to laugh when we went to take the tree down because each cookie within the boys height had one bite taken out of it. I could picture them standing there with their arms behind their backs and leaning over to take the bite out of each one. It's a lovely memory now.

on Sunday, November 20th, Moi said

We don't have you or MomR blocked but she has had the same problem. Hmmmm... We're looking at switching e-mail addresses soon, when we do I'll be sure to let you know.

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