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11/16/2005: "Meanwhile on the way back to the ranch...."

I hit something hard on Litchfield road, the front driver side tire pops and I'm able to turn off the road onto a dead end near a shopping center. I immediately call our roadside assistance number, and while I'm on the phone with them, Richard calls my cell phone and leaves a message. He called back a few minutes later when I was on hold and I took the call.

"I'm stuck with a flat at Litchfield and Fillmore" I greet him.

Richard begins laughing.

Richard apologizes for laughing.

Richard says he'll call me back later.

After getting squared away with an hour's wait for the promised roadside help, I take the children into the nearby Arby's where we have an unexpected dinner out. I check my cell phone message and find out why Richard was laughing.

He was calling me for help, as his car was stuck, coincidentally, on the same street just on the other side of town.

He got a ride from a coworker who lived nearby, he took Richard back to our house and Richard took the club wagon to meet us.

Meanwhile I'm on the phone as it's been about 90 minutes, wondering if I can give them directions to find me or what. As I'm giving the specific directions to the dispatcher, she relates that the driver is about a half-hour away. I finish with the spelled out directions, and she says:

"You're south of I-10? You're out of area, sorry."

Richard arrives, and while the insurance has gone through over 30 companies trying to find someone to come help me, I tell them to forget it. We will deal with it ourselves (and probably change companies!!). I help with the tire as much as I can, but he does have greater upper body strength. So here's my darling sweetheart, working on the tire in his suit.

richardtiresuit (5k image)

After we drove home again, we all piled in the club wagon and went to retrieve Richard's work car. I was very tired by the time we got home, and more than a little frustrated by the non-assitance we received.

So there's the drama, and now you know the rest of the saga. Oh yeah, the tire was replaced, the spare put back in its place, and all is well.

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on Thursday, November 17th, mamasita said

Okay, I'm tired just from reading all that, never mind having to go through it.

By the by, thanks for the pictures, they are a WONDERFUL addition to your musings...keep 'em coming !

on Thursday, November 17th, Autumn said

Ok that's just plain funny! And what a coinsidence!! Sometimes things like this are not such a coinsidence as we think. There was a reason...not so fuuny for you but for me it's a funny story after the fact! Love, Autumn

on Thursday, November 17th, Tanya said

Are you not glad that sometimes there can be something funny to laugh about when things are so stressful. Once my mom locked us out of our house, this was in Calgary, my brother was so skinny he could fit through the milk door to get in the house to unlock the door. We still laugh about it to this day.

on Friday, November 18th, Moi said

Thanks, Mama =)

Laughter is so needed in a stressful situation...

on Tuesday, November 22nd, MomR said

I'm just glad that things turned out OK. I'm also glad that you can laugh about it. Laughter is good. Especially when you can laugh at your self.

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