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11/21/2005: "Random calculations"

In the mother's lounge at church yesterday, we were discussing teeth, and breastfeeding babies with teeth. Remy bit Brooke, which is what started us down the latter path, after sympathizing with her pain (Sheila to Brooke: "curl your toes, it helps").

I started going back through each of my children and realized that Elena was the only one who did not wean while I was pregnant and Emma was the only one who didn't wean by choice. She was also the only one to exclusively use a bottle for a time, the others had only had bottles here or there, mostly when I needed to be somewhere else. Ephraim will be three months old on Saturday and that brings me to a total of 60 months of breastfeeding--wow!

I think Emma's weaning was the hardest on me, emotionally. I felt terrible that I could not give her the milk she was crying for =( I know there are other women who are able to lactate through subsquent pregnancies, but it does not appear that I am one of them. I have been remarkably blessed to be able to provide mother's milk for my babies without experiencing some of the difficulties that can arise for either mother or baby.

I just want to give a shout out to those who encouraged me from the beginning eight years ago with Duncan--THANK YOU!!! And to my friends here in AZ who would gladly give their own milk for my babies, it really means a lot =)

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on Tuesday, November 22nd, MomR said

I'm glad also that you had the encouragement you needed when Duncan was born. I'm just sorry that breast feeding wasn't more common when I had my babies. But then I still may not have had any milk even with the help and support of others. :)

on Tuesday, November 22nd, mamacita said

Hey, just rented and watched Millions, and was really worried like crazy about the horrible nipple scene, until I actually saw it. (Or rather, almost saw it on that online catalog page.)

I think the violence and the thievery were much more bothersome.

But, I sought to enjoy the overall point of the movie beyond those issues, and I agree, it's a great movie and I would also encourage folks big and small to watch it.

Plus, I guarantee that the first 'Millions' from the early 90-s was a more horribly awful flick...be careful that you get the correct movie when you try to rent it! =)

on Tuesday, November 22nd, mamacita redux said

Ooh, ooh, almost forgot. Veggie Tales Lord of the Beans is pretty good! (We did get one extra...)

Better than Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush, but even that one had its moments...

Tomorrow is Duke and the Great Pie War, followed by HG Wells, redux. Oh, what a vacation week we have planned! Talk to you later...

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