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11/08/2005: "Anniversaries"

Nine years of marriage doesn't seem very long, especially when looking at it from an eternal perspective. What a blessing my husband has been for me (and if you asked, he would say the same is true of me for him)! I count the decision to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ as the best decision I ever made, marrying my husband is the second, becoming a mother is the third and the temple covenants I have made continue the blessings of those three decisions into eternity.

We have overcome much in our time together--struggles both internal/external I do not wish to relive or rehash here. Our love is deeper and stronger than I knew possible on our wedding day. We started out as friends some twelve years ago, allowing our feelings to have a sturdy foundation of mutual respect and admiration. Romance blossomed--we both thought it impossible, unrequited--adding another facet to our relationship.

We have laughed & cried together, worked & played together, worshipped & prayed together, conceived & birthed together. Our marriage is truly the partnership God intended we should share. Even during Richard's absence for six months of training, he was never far from my mind, there to lend an ear or an instant message over 2000 miles away.

This past year has seen many adjustments for me; milestones, memories, moments that I thought our sorrows or joys would completely overwhelm me. Yet through it all, he loves me, and even better, he reminds me that God loves me. It just doesn't get any sweeter than sharing the fruit of the tree of life with someone you love....

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on Wednesday, November 9th, Kimberly said

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary H a p p y A n n i v e r s a r y! (You should be grateful you can't hear me singing this! :)

on Wednesday, November 9th, Moi said

Thank you! And if I could hear you sing it, that would be cool too.

on Thursday, November 10th, Megakiddo said

Oh yeah. When the month started I meant to ask the day, but now I don't have to. Laziness pays off again!


on Thursday, November 10th, Moi said

Thanks, sis. I have a pen to help remind me of yours =) Not that it gets the card sent or anything like that... Now that would have been one amazing pen! Look into that for your 25th anniversary party.

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