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11/14/2005: "Millions"

Millions is out on DVD. Buy it, rent it, borrow it, netflix it, whatever. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did =)

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on Tuesday, November 15th, Moi said

Oh yeah, if you see it, I want to hear about your Millions experience. Come back and share!

on Tuesday, November 15th, Autumn said

Hey...we liked it enought o rent. But the scene with the breasts and close up in the nipple was far beyond what we are willing to allow the children see. I understand it was about breatfeeding in a sorta weird way...but Conner and Parker were so embarassed they turned their heads. We won't buy it now. There is always something in near every movie to ruin for children I tell ya! It's very frustrating.

on Tuesday, November 15th, Moi said

When we were sitting in the theater and that scene started we wondered if we were going to have to leave... As it turned to nursing, our (Richard's & my) discomfort faded. It didn't faze our children at all. Sorry it turned out that way for you!

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