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11/03/2005: "mumbling"

I don't know if it could count as musing so much... If I was walking down the street talking to myself, this is what you might overhear...

I have to prep lunch before our scavenger hunt at the science center tomorrow. We're eating out on the lawn before we go inside. We're also going next Friday with Richard on his day off.

Saturday will be Star Wars marathon day here... Episodes 1-6, with plenty of popcorn & candy =)

How can one discern the difference between self-doubt and humility?

If they build the south mountain freeway near our neighborhood would it be more or less convenient for us?

If I consider teacher/home educator as my current occupation, it makes sense that I could use the tips for working moms/wives to try to balance the demands of homemaking as well.

Flylady's new book Body Clutter--I hope my turn on the library hold list comes up soon.

Apologies to Robertson/Page for co-opting lyrics for my own nefarious purposes.

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on Friday, November 4th, mamasita said

hey, we're both awed and saddened after watching episode III.

and, we've decided we must buy the dvd set for 4/5/6, to see the new stuff he did to blend the series together. (purists normally, but we sure want to see anything else that's new, too.)

our following 3 day weekend we will have a veggie tales festival!

if there's one main fault out of the many that i have, it's the capacity and drive to over analyze everything including myself. i see you've inherited that trait, and i wish you well in managing it so that you continue to function. it's relentless in its grip, but the force is strong in you and you can wield it for the greater good... :-P

on Sunday, November 13th, Moi said

How did the VeggieFest go?

Yes, Episode III has that effect on me too.

May the Force be with us both =D

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