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11/20/2005: "Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy (or Today's Sacrament Meeting)"

Richard and Elena stayed home sick today, so it was just Duncan, Cheanna, Emma Catharine, Ephraim and me at church today. I used my maya wrap to help hold Ephraim while I was trying to take care of everyone else =)

Our Stake Relief Society president spoke today and she related many personal experiences to go along with Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's April 2005 conference talk "The Virtue of Kindness"

She had experienced many kind and unkind things over the course of her 30 years as a member of the Church. She learned much of the difficulty being kind and forgiving towards those who are given to engage in criticizing and backbiting. She quoted Elder Wirthlin:

"When we are filled with kindness, we are not judgmental. The Savior taught, "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." He also taught that "with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

"But," you ask, "what if people are rude?"

Love them.

"If they are obnoxious?"

Love them.

"But what if they offend? Surely I must do something then?"

Love them.


The answer is the same. Be kind. Love them.

Why? In the scriptures Jude taught, "And of some have compassion, making a difference."

Who can tell what far-reaching impact we can have if we are only kind?

The Savior's kindness is an example for us all, she noted. Because we believe that this is the true and living church of Jesus Christ upon the earth we must show kindness even when our first impulse might be otherwise.

She quoted Thumper's father from Bambi, that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. We can think of encouraging and kind words to say to one another. This is what our Savior would have us do, for inasmuch as we have done it unto the least of these His brethren we have done it unto Him.

A beautiful piano arrangement of "How Great Thou Art" gave me a chance to sing within my soul.

The second talk was given by the second counselor in the stake presidency about Joy. He spoke of:
~the eternal nature of joy versus more temporary pleasure
~How we see far too many who carry their religious beliefs as burdens to bear rather than wings that lift them up.
~How we are that we might have joy.
~How sorrows may come but will be temporary, swallowed up by the joy of the Atonement and Resurrection.

Combining these two thought-provoking talks with the privilege of partaking of the Sacrament was welcome refreshment to my soul. I know there is great power in the ordinance of the Sacrament, and how great is the wisdom of God that He would command us to meet oft to partake and to strengthen each other! Hallelujah!!

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on Sunday, November 20th, mamsita said

I hope those who are not feeling well will bounce back during this short holiday work week.

I also want to tell you, as a firm atheist who dearly loves you, that I am glad you have found a faith that sustains you and brings you joy and comfort from its teachings.

I think that having faith, that makes such a difference in your life, and brings you peace, is exactly what I believe the grand purpose of faith to be.

I always questioned how you would find this faith that eluded me, and I believe that it was meant to be, as it brings to you the strength that you need in your life to deal with the issues you have encountered.

I am truly grateful that you have your rock (Richard and your children) and your faith, as I know you will have the most wonderful life possible with these great blessings.

I love you. I am proud of you and your family.

on Sunday, November 20th, Moi said

Thank you, Mama. I appreciate your support. We love you too!

(I'm glad you know I'm not writing any of this in an effort to persuade anyone else, rather to express my own faith and joy.)

on Sunday, November 20th, Autumn said

This has also lifted me! Thanks for sharing Tea'. It reminds me how important it truly is to renew our spirituality, faith and covenants every Sunday. I believe that it is what honestly sustains us. In other words when we rely on the Lord and not the arm of man, he WILL and DOES sustain us when we are not able to do so, which is never. We can never sustain ourselves in this life. Only through him! How grateful I am for this knowledge I have and for a personal testimony of! Autumn

on Tuesday, November 22nd, Tanya said

You know, this is what is hard for me. I withdraw when I know I could say something mean, or spiteful when I know that is not the way to be. Learning to live a Christ like and Christ Centered life can be so difficult. I'm glad there are so many people we can learn from, so we can become what we should.
I know I'm constantly praying for the compassion, and love the Savior has, I think I fall short much of the time.

on Tuesday, November 22nd, MomR said

I hope Richard and Elena are feeling better by now and that the rest of you don't get sick.

We had a great sacrament meeting too. I find it so rewarding to be able to go to church and be "replenished" for the coming week.

on Tuesday, November 22nd, mamacita (again) said

You know, after reading some of the previous candy coated vitriol posted in this last week, I'm really glad you were treated to this at church on Sunday...how timely it was!

I hope it brought you some courage to continue your own path of being courteous and kindly.

And, how refreshing to see the comments so far on this posting, as they are personally spiritually uplifting and in no way derogatory.

Yahoo for civil discourse! Live long and prosper...(does nanoo, nanoo go here?) =)

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