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11/09/2005: "A new title--scout mom"

This week marked our first official foray into scouting, Cubs for Duncan and Daisies for Cheanna & Emma Catharine. Our Girl Scout troop meets on Tuesdays, Boy Scouts on Wednesdays, each for an hour. We haven't had ever weekly evening activities like this--it's a new thing for me to plan dinner around drive times. I understand it's just the beginning...

All three of them are excited about scouting. We'll be getting Duncan's uniform shirt ready for next week; the Daisy leader bought the girls' tunics and patches for me this week. The Daisy leader is also in the West Valley homeschool group that we joined this year. [I'll report back on the first monthly support group meeting tomorrow].

I'm still getting used to the idea of having scouts. I never was one myself, my sister enjoyed Brownie Scouts, and Richard's an Eagle Scout. They love it though, and that's enough for me.

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on Thursday, November 10th, Autumn said

Sounds like you are feeling better! Congratulations on another wedding anniversary. I forgot you Anniversay :( but then again I forgot which is my mail key!! Forgive me? Glad to hear your children are in scouts. Fun times! Yes, you are right Tea'...for you and I are at that point of "it's just the beginning" of juggling family, meals, extra activities and all that goes along with! Good luck! Love, Auutmn

on Thursday, November 10th, Auntie Heather said

Oh, I'm so proud of all of you. The future scouts too. Sign me up for 3 Trefoils, 2 Thin Mints, 3 Samoas, and maybe a box of whatever's new, girls!

on Thursday, November 10th, Kimberly said

I know all anout that. Between Nathaniel's scouts, Grace's activities days (the church's version of girl scouts), the possible starting up of piano and gymnastics again, afterschool clubs and mentors we are pulled in 1000 directions. Now with Kim's new cub scout calling that is continuing to get busier....

on Thursday, November 10th, Moi said

Mmmmm... cookies.
Are they made with real Girl Scouts? (bad Wednesday throwback)

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