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11/04/2005: "Mental Health Library"

Found this morning, thanks to Meridian Magazine article by Kathryn Kidd about having a website with an LDS mental health library.


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on Friday, November 4th, Autumn said

Hey, thanking you for the find! I look forward to browsing. I hope today is a brighter day for you...mine is insane!!! Talk later, Autumn

on Wednesday, November 9th, Moi said

Oh man--sometimes I wonder what you'd do without all that stress? It would probably feel like you were dreaming...

on Friday, November 11th, MomR said

I loved seeing the pictures of the children! I haven't been able to get your blog for a long time. Not since before you came up here the end of July. I don't know why. I'm glad that I can now access it. It helps me keep up on things. Please put pictures of the children on often. I can tell that Ephraim has changed since we saw him a month ago.

on Sunday, November 13th, Moi said

More pictures up! Glad you could make it here again.

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