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11/07/2005: "Family Council & other Sunday happenings"

We had a very nice Sabbath yesterday. I enjoyed the worship & learning at church and the discussions we had at home afterwards.

We walked in the lovely evening weather to the ice cream social last night, great attendance, enjoyed the chance to know members of the ward better. Jennifer is completing her degree from BYU via Independent Study; something I am very interested in for myself when the children are older/when we can pay for it without incurring debt. I would like to expand our entertaining horizons as well--the relative success of the after baptism get together has inspired us to have more families over.

After hitting the very end of the Robinson Family Chat, we held a family council. We discussed a problem that our family is having, talked about desired changes and worked together to come up with solutions. The Holy Ghost really helped each family member come to understand other viewpoints.

We went to bed feeling satisfied and grateful.

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