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11/13/2005: "Friday 11 November 2005"

We had a fabulous, albeit not long enough, time at the science center today. We will be returning frequently over the next two months to take advantage of the Moneyville and Engineer it! exhibits before they leave the center. Moneyville is so incredible--Richard and I learned so much about anti-counterfeiting measures (example--the strip in the bills glows different colors under ultra-violet light).

I went shopping that morning with Ginger, my first time with Coupon Sense. It took a bit longer than either of us anticipated (I think shopping with someone else with a different list always does) but it was good company =) I returned home with some great deals, and with double coupons I might never pay for frozen juice again!!

Later that night, I took her garage door opener back to her house and then went shopping with Elena and Ephraim in tow. I decided that instead of making pajamas this year, I would make nativity costumes and purchase the pj's. I bought fabric & notions for the project--I'm very excited!!

I loved having a day with Richard. I kept thinking it was Saturday all day long, which made Saturday a wonderful bonus.

I saw that I have some new comments on the blog that were added Friday. I will respond over the next few days--thank you for taking the time to comment =)

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on Monday, November 14th, Auntie Heather said

Ooh ooh ooh. Let me know when you're visiting here *grin* and I can arrange a mint visit. Or maybe Aichard could do that better?

on Monday, November 14th, MomR said

Be sure and take pictures and post them of the nativity outfits and the children in them of course. :)

on Monday, November 14th, Moi said

Future Denver trip is getting better and better all the time--woohoo!

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