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11/25/2005: "Happy Thanksgiving, Ephraim!"

ephraimfirstthanksgiving2005 (10k image)

Ephraim, just two days shy of three months, enjoys his first Thanksgiving watching from the sidelines.

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on Friday, November 25th, Noelie said

Tea, Have I ever told you that I love you?
well I do.
Have I told you how adorable your children are? Well I think they are.
I loved seeing them at Kendra's blessing and will love the wonder of seeing them when I can in the future. Please take care.

on Saturday, November 26th, Kimberly said

He looks good in green!

on Saturday, November 26th, mamacita said

For some reason, he looks like Grandma Robinson in this picture. Strong family resemblance...

on Saturday, November 26th, Moi said

Thank you and thank you, Noelie!! Wish I could be there to see Abbie's blessing as well...

Eph does look good in green, doesn't he? He will be too large for that outfit before we know it...

Mama, pull out your Duncan photos from December 1997. They are roughly the same age then and still look a lot alike.

on Tuesday, November 29th, MomR said

What a cute picture and what a cute baby! It's interesting that Darlene thinks he looks like me. I think he looks sooo much like Duncan did.

on Tuesday, November 29th, MomR said

You do have beautiful children. All five of them! Of course I'm not a bit prejudiced. :)

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