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04/04/2005: "Oh baby!"

music: Just Like Heaven by The Cure
mood: *pleased*

This morning I had another prenatal appointment, and the children accompanied me to Dr. Castilla's office. She is always so delighted to see them, and did a quick ultrasound for us to see the baby =) She's 90% certain we are having a male child, and the official ultrasound in two weeks should provide the other ten percent. Baby continues to grow healthy and strong, good heart rate. I return in May for my next appointment and that's when we will start the schedule of fetalfibronectin tests for preterm labor.

The children went to get lollypops from the receptionist while I had my blood drawn at the end of the appointment. She was impressed with them, their behavior and with Duncan's reading skills. She told me "Ms. Robinson, whatever it is that you're doing, keep it up!" It's moments like that which help buoy my spirits and I know that homeschooling has been the best option for us so far...

We went to Target after an extended stay at McD's, and I found some pink/tan sandals to add to my summer shoe selections. I also bought "Mousetrap" on a nostalgic whim; we'll play it tonight for Family Home Evening. So far, so great for today.

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