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04/01/2005: "Happy New Year!!!"

music: The Cure *why can't I be you*
mood: happy & tired

I need to go take a shower before we go out tonight... good thing that this isn't that interactive or my comments would fill up with deodorant suggestions =P

Went to a new park in Avondale today, we ate a picnic lunch and then went to DI to drop off some items and browse... They had several books marked down in anticipation of General Conference this weekend. I was happy to find another copy of "Faith of a Scientist" to give to our very scientific home teacher. Also included were some 1920s church books for $1, and a board book written by two of President Hinckley's daughters for sacrament meeting marked at twenty-five cents.

I purchased my belated baby item for March--a Paddington Bear. It matches the first baby toy we received for Duncan, a Paddington Rattle that I used as my focus object during labor. (We won't go into the efficacy thereof, but it remains a favorite nonetheless)

I'm sure one of these times I'll realize that I can't keep buying books without buying more bookshelves to hold them all =)

I did a super clean [van] boogie this afternoon, including vacuuming and scrubbing the area near the sliding door. It's a balmy 82 degrees with a good breeze, just enough to let me work up a good sweat but not so hot as to endanger myself with physical labor.

And now it's time to get ready to enjoy the evening together. Grocery shopping and who knows what other fun mischief we'll be up to, hee hee hee. I'll try to post some of my conference thoughts/recap over the weekend.

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