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04/21/2005: "Wednesday"

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Yesterday I spent the early afternoon watching children for my friend while she and her husband finished unloading the Uhaul and then returned the truck to the rental place. They found a lovely little home not that far from I-17 and it should be adequate for their family for a few years at least. The long road home for them, starting with the sewage problems, is turning out better than they could have anticipated. This is the first time they've had a multilevel home.
After that, we went to the downtown library for chess club. Duncan's friend opted not to come with us, which was just fine with me since he was kicked out last week for roughhousing. Cheanna likes to color with the teacher's daughter(also a redhead!), Emma enjoys the computers, and Elena is all over the children's section. Sometimes Emma will take advantage of the different activities, but yesterday she was all about the Blue's Clues! Emma and Elena make fast friends at the library; their joy is truly contagious.
After coming home, I wanted to make something cool for dinnner. We're moving into such hot weather, I am switching to meals that I won't sweat while eating, and I don't want to pay $$$ for extra a/c =)
Made a southwest pasta salad--mmmmmmm! Duncan picked out the olives, but other than that it went over really well.
We watched part 3 of Oliver Twist for family fun time last night. Andy Serkis makes a horrifying Bill Sikes! I couldn't watch Nancy's death scene =( I had forgotten that Charles Dickens was so young when he wrote the novel, but because it's such a graphic reminder of how children were treated in the past, the story endures...

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