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04/11/2005: "Monday Methods"

music: Duncan on the keyboard =)
mood: procrastination-busting cheerfulness

Mondays are typically a busier day for me, homemaking-wise. I start my weekly home blessing, I catch up on things from the Sabbath, I have projects that I have planned over the weekend to start with the new week. Today I am focusing on our garage and switching out some of the food storage that we've stored there over the winter before the summer heat arrives.

So far, the children have helped me alphabetize the 10# cans from the cannery and then I tucked them away out of sight. I find that having an organized pantry really helps me keep track of what we have and what needs to be purchased. For example, it's easy to tell when I'm low on an item (canned pineapple) or when I have plenty for our needs (cake mixes & ramen noodles). Cheanna has offered to catalogue what we have--I love seeing how her writing and reading abilities flourish!

It's also easier for me to work on the garage when Richard's car is at work =) Since he was on the road by 5:15am, I have only a few more hours before the car will be returning today.

While I'm working can be a great time to listen to Dave Ramsey, my financial guru, on a local radio station here. Find one near you, or listen online, at www.daveramsey.com

Time to get back into the swing of things--break time is over =D

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on Monday, April 11th, Moi said

We've finished moving everything inside from the garage and have packed the pantries, mostly alphabetically, some shelves categorically =D After snack and game time we will finish sorting the "garageable" items and put them away. Everything always looks so nice right after it's organized! I definitely need to put mandarin oranges on our shopping list....

on Monday, April 11th, Moi said

Won a Star Wars trading card game with Duncan (I won in space and on the ground but his characters whupped mine), enjoyed a granny smith apple, drained some more of my water mug, and tidied up the front room before completing our garageables. It feels good to sit, relax, and spin around and start on the paperwork here by the desk =D Gotta love it!!

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