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04/14/2005: "Affirmations"

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Last year when Richard and I were apart for six months, he did his best to comfort me from the east coast. As I was going back over our correspondence I found some affirmations he wrote for me, reprinted below. I think they are still applicable, which makes an assignment from AT staff to write some all the more feasible for me =D

I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father.
I love Him and He loves me.
He will not fail me and I will not fail Him.

He has blessed me with children who have a special purpose
and He wants them raised in the truth and light He has given to me.

I am blessed to have knowledge of eternal truths that strengthen me
and through earnest application of those truths I can live happily.

I understand that while sincere sorrow is required to repent of shortcomings,
self-beration is a tool of the adversary and further distances me from God.
A sincere apology, reparations to the extent possible, a plan for improvement,
and renewed effort to keep the commandments are what God requires.

I need God's guidance and Spirit in order to succeed.
His revelations often come in quiet ways,
and so long as I strive to live worthy of the Spirit's companionship
I will receive the guidance I need even when I don't always feel it.

I have been created with weaknesses in order to help me be humble.
God has the power to change these weaknesses to strengths
so long as I continually seek His guidance and acknowledge his His hand.

I love my children and they deserve the best efforts that my spouse and I can offer.
I know I cannot rear them perfectly,
but I will not give up on them
or give up on me as a part of eternal family.

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