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04/12/2005: "Busy busy bees"

music: U2- Mysterious Ways
mood: buzzing =D

Another start of a new day, with an earlier dawn than I anticipated... Thankfully I was asleep before 11 last night =)

I hope to be accomplishing a lot of miscellaneous errands today, if I can get all of these things done and out of the way it would be wonderful...
*Take dishes back to Burts and Wests
*Deposit birthday check from Robinsons (Thanks again!)
*Withdraw cash for grocery shopping and allowances
*Vehicle emission testing
*MVD for new registration (expires on the 15th)
*basic grocery shopping (milk, produce)
*fill gas tank on van

and around home:
*various mending/alteration jobs (yay sewing machine!)
*attach the vines that fell off to the house again
*finish storage of winter items/non-maternity clothes

Today will be an "on the road" school day =D

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on Tuesday, April 12th, Moi said

5:50pm update:
*Dishes returned!
*check deposited!
*cash withdrawn!
*emissions tested!
*van registered!
*gas tank filled!
*shopped at Fry's!

and made first attempt to reattach vines to the front!

Mending and other clothing chores to come =)

on Tuesday, April 12th, Moi said

8:40pm update:
Mending going well, taking a break to eat =) I'm really grateful for the speediness the machine affords me, even though there is satisfaction in hand sewing I haven't quite dupliacted yet. Perhaps with more finished projects I will find that same feeling.

on Wednesday, April 13th, Moi said

12m update:
Wow, look how time flies! Mending done, but nothing on the storage of off season clothing. Oh well, can't do everything, right?

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