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04/07/2005: "Mental Flotsam"

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We received a package from the Church Distribution yesterday, containing all but two items I had ordered a couple of weeks ago. A new scripture tote for me (I let Duncan have my previous one), a pocketsize Children's Songbook I plan on having spiral-bound, October 2004 Conference DVDs, a new Christmas compilation DVD, The Prodigal Son on VHS, a Pearl of Great Price Institute manual, and the new Missionary guide book "Preach My Gospel". The Doctrine & Covenants Stories VHS and large Articles of Faith posters are on backorder.


I have been thinking about how blessed we've been with Richard's career thus far, and how we will likely realize many more blessings in the future... A solid retirement being just one of many I can foresee. When I was at the park last week I listened to the other mothers talking about the struggles of their husbands in providing, the worries of instability in various industries, and the vagaries of trying to bring in extra income. I thought to myself that I couldn't really identify with those fears beyond our first year of marriage. Our time in Phoenix, not free from financial worry in its own ways, has not been a struggle to stay well employed. Richard's hard work, integrity and stamina have made him a valued employee at each place of employment--every supervisor or manager wishing he could stay and yet recognizing his need to move up and on... He really enjoys his current line of work and the challenges it brings. I'm very blessed to be his wife.


Our friends with the sewage problems are still trying to find another place to live. They have only two more days until their can legally break the lease, so there's a frenzy of moving related activity at the house these days. If only they had a place to move to! Hopefully, today or tomorrow will bring positive word from prospective landlords...


I'm feeling a slight fatigue today, possibly due to the heat. Richard advised that I try to take it easy, and I let my headache tell me when I'm overexerting =) Cheanna has made me some toast, so I will let these words suffice for now.

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